Anascena HR Labour Policy – The Armed Forces 

Anascena was set up to support all Service Leavers, Veterans, Spouses, Reservists and Cadets into sustainable careers ensuring that both candidates and employers are fully committed and adhere to the policy. Anascena incorporates this policy into our Proposal Documents and in our Terms and Conditions that are signed by the client. Anascena has a Staff Handbook where all our policies are laid out. It is also incorporated into our New Joiner induction. 

Anascena liaises with the Tri-Service Leavers throughout their transition, building on the groundwork undertaken by the Career Transition Partnership (CTP) to ensure they have all the tools they need to successfully transition. We discuss their aspirations and goals and help them to identify roles that they may be qualified for. Anascena supports candidates through the entire process of preparing them for interview to ensure they are comfortable.


Anascena works very closely with many of the Military Charities to assist their clients work. We take special note of any issues that they may have to ensure that they are properly supported throughout the Transition process.

Spouses and Dependants

Anascena is aware that spouses and dependants of serving military personnel are an untapped pool of talent. We source and negotiate part-time roles for these individuals and ensure that ‘hours’ are convenient to their commitments at home or in education.


Anascena will, to the best of its ability, ensure that all Reservists who register on our database will be supported. The company will communicate with all employers and explain the legal requirement and the financial support required as directed by the Government that they must agree to.  

  •        Demonstrating support to mobilisation at no additional cost or leave required.
  •        Ten working days annual leave to support continuous training.
  •        Flexibility that if required urgently, to enable them to support their reserve squadron when needed.


We work with Cadet Forces and will assist in sourcing two week work placements while they are in education and also endeavour to assist them in locating apprenticeships and internships at an appropriate time.


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