Our candidates go through a rigorous interview process, where we not only look for technical proficiency and intellect, but for people who can thrive in and contribute to the Client’s culture. Those with ex-military backgrounds are invariably highly trained leaders and specialists in a wide range of subjects. We constantly review that talent and identify the optimal positions for candidates based on individual and organizational needs.

Many of the ex-military and government personnel provided by Anascena will hold or have held a National Security Vetting (NSV) clearance providing assurance of an individual’s suitability for employment in a confidential or sensitive environment. Our cyber specialists, in particular, have undergone enhanced security vetting which means they are used to working with very sensitive material.

For those personnel who are medically discharged from the Armed Forces, we work with a variety of Service charities and organisations to energise transition from the military into a commercial setting, identifying second career opportunities and bridging the gap between 'ready to work' and sustainable employment. We offer a 6 month period of reach-back to Service charities for support and guidance after a successful hire to ensure all our placements can enjoy a sustainable second career.


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